Fall Means Apples and Pumpkins and so much more

IMG_0454Fall is in the air and honestly we live in one of the most amazing places to enjoy this season.  As I drive around the area for work I truly enjoy seeing the fall foliage and pumpkin patches as they prepare for the season.

There are so many amazing activities too.  From hitting up the ever popular Roloff Farms in Helvetia to enjoying one more last warm day at Sauvie Island there is something for every one to enjoy.

The Red Tricycle has a list of 32 amazingly fun things that you can do during this time of year.  And if you live in the Hillsboro area be sure to check out their fall activities guide to learn about some fun activities that the Hillsboro Parks and Rec Department has going on.

I hope that you find something fun to go out and enjoy.

All You Need is Love……and A Dog!

hiveboxx-deX-KChuboY-unsplashWho loves those fun signs with all the cute sayings?  I totally love them especially the really funny ones like 10 out of 10 would Poop here again that can be found in some folks half bathrooms.  If you love these types of signs too then this week’s Local Etsy Business of the Week is for you…….

Dreamers & Doers.

Dreamers & Doers is located in Hillsboro, Oregon and they create sassy, fun, relatable prints!  She’s got so many cute designs that feature country music, dogs, cats, or a meaningful quote she’s got something for everyone on your gift list.

One of the things that I really love is that the prints are downloadable which means you get to really customize it to your decor or the decor of the person you are giving it to.  The prints are great for birthdays, holidays or closing gifts and will look fantastic in any room of in your home.

Wreaths for every holiday without all the bulk? Yes, it’s possible.

IMG_0452I have always been the person that loves to have a wreath on their front door for every holiday/season as they are a quick and easy way to welcome guests to your home.  What I don’t like is that they are bulky and take up a lot of space when I’m not using them. Therefore I was very happy when I met Dayna Stejskal who is the owner of Vine and Branch when I attended Ladies Night at Oak Knoll Winery this summer with a few of my colleagues.  She solved my wreath storing problem that I just tolerated because I love wreaths and  had no clue there was such an amazing solution.

Dayna makes the most beautiful wood wreaths that have magnets set in them which allows you to change up the floral arrangements.  So, how on earth did she come up with this amazing idea?  Well, they say necessity is the mother of all invention, and back in 2016 a tree fell in the green space behind her home.  It was Christmas time so she started slicing up the trees to make framed art.  She then moved onto wood wreaths and decided that someone needed to create a system where one wreath could hold different floral arrangements for different seasons.  She turned this idea into her exclusive designed magnetic floral and wreath system.  I for one am thankful that she did.  I am now easily able to store florals for all different seasons.  So far I have summer, fall, halloween and winter ready to go.  I am excited to order my arrangements for Easter and St. Patrick’s Day after the first of the year.  If you love having a wreath on your front door I encourage you to check out all of the pretties on her website:  Vine and Branch.IMG_0454 IMG_0455