Hello March & Welcome to Gardening Season Prep!

My Copy of  January 2021 Graphics  copyWow it seems like February flew by, however I think that I always say that due to it being such a short month.  With the longer days, and warmer weather I know you like me are excited for gardening season and seeing all of the beautiful flowers in your yard.  Well, I suppose I’m excited for my husband to do the gardening.  In our house it’s I point he plants.  So, because I’m so excited I’m going to share our favorite garden centers with you each week this month for the business of the week.

Up first is Starkey’s Corner Farm & Garden   I would have to say the main reason we love Starkey’s is because it’s on Glencoe Road literally 5 minutes from our home.  When we get into the yard and see that we need something for a pot or space in the yard it’s so quick and easy to jump in the car and make a quick trip.  Which in all honesty is pretty nice.  Do not get me wrong I know that some of you love your Fred Meyer Garden Center or other big box garden center and that’s fine, however often times the service and knowledge you get from a local nursery is AMAZING.

So what types of items will you find at Starkey’s?

  • Plants
  • Edibles – herbs, berries, fruit trees
  • Seeds
  • Fertilizer and Soil

My husband loves Starkey’s because he can typically get straw/hay for the garden to cover up our asparagus plants in the winter.  It’s honestly just a fun place to go and roam and get ideas of what types of plants are out there.  It gets you to thinking about what types of plants you may want to see in your yard or container/patio gardens.  As the days get longer and the sun is out I encourage you to take a trip and get some inspiration.

A little bit of art to brighten your day

FB 4:13 postFor the past few weeks, I chose virtual hot spots for the hot spot/business of the week.  This week I decided it was time to get back to featuring local businesses, even if they may not be open, to show them some support.

I have always been a big fan of unique art pieces, and getting to see what different artisans make.  The Artfull Garden and Company was founded in 2002 and quickly became the anchor of the Downtown Hillsboro area.  Home to many unique gifts, The Candy Basket (founded in 1914) which is known for it’s large assortment of chocolates, international candy and nostalgic gift items also calls The Artfull Garden and Company home.

This unique shop prides itself on offering items from local artists.  One such artist is Kelly Nicodemus-Miller of Krelly Designs.  Krelly Designs is known for their unique umbrellas that line the front of The Artfull Garden and Company’s front.  In addition, Krelly Designs also features fine art and jewelry.

I am sad that I am not able to go and visit this unique shop in Downtown Hillsboro right now, as they are closed due to COVID-19, however be sure to follow them on Facebook because they have had a few opportunities for you to order items and go pick them up.

I look forward to the day when the stay at home order is lifted and I can go support this local business once more.  I love being able to purchase unique gifts for friends and family which is exactly what The Artfull Garden and Company carry.




Blooming Plants Ahead!!!!!!

IG:FB hot spot for 3:9For several years my husband and I would drive by Blooming Junction  on our way to Cornelius or Forest Grove and would say one of these days we need to stop by here.  Two years ago we finally did just that, and we were not disappointed.

I honestly have never been to a nursery like this one.  I could wander for a few hours just looking at all of the plants looking for the perfect ones to go into our planters and yard.  The staff is very knowledgeable, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see the resident cat who is very friendly.   With regards to the knowledge of the staff I had been on the hunt for purple fountain grass for quite some time.  We didn’t know what it was called but based off of our description the staff knew exactly what I was looking for and took us straight to it.

Their website is user friendly and provides you with a list plants that they currently have on hand.  When you check out you can browse their grocery store, and if you’re looking for a Community Supported Agriculture group to join you can sign up with them.  It’s a great way to support local agriculture and get in on some amazing fruits and veggies.

Now as I mentioned in a previous blog post I have a black thumb.  When it comes to plants and our yard that’s my husband’s domain.  However I might be able to learn to have green thumb thanks to all the classes and events that Blooming Junction offers.

As you get ready to look for your spring and summer plants be sure to take the drive to visit.  Blooming Junction is located at 35105 NW Zion Church Road in Cornelius.

Spring is in the air!

IG:FB 3:1I absolutely love this time of year.  The days are getting longer, and the flowers are starting to bloom.  I love looking out into my yard and seeing the daffodils and tulips starting to bloom.  It reminds me that it won’t be long before it’s time to head to the nursery and pick out plants for our yard, and planters.  My husband likes to say you point and I plant.

So, to celebrate this time of year I will be picking a different nursery on the westside to share with you for the month of March.  This week it’s Starkey’s Corner. Living in North Plains I love that they are just down the way off of Glencoe Road.  It comes in handy when my husband is out in the yard and decides that there is a spot that needs something.  We can just jump in the car go get something and be back home in less than an hour.

The gardeners that they have working are knowledgeable which is a good thing because we aren’t good at keeping tags.  That means we often times go in saying um we’re looking for this plant that’s purple with flowers about yeah big, or we just have a photo.  They are always able to direct us to the plant we are looking for.

When I drive by at this time of year heading home from an open house I love getting to see the color starting to appear.  From house plants to seeds to roses and more they have lots of items for you to choose from.  They are located at 31665 NW Scotch Church Road in Hillsboro be sure to stop by when looking for plants for your yard or planters this season.