Cheesecake Always Feels So Decedant

I cannot lie, I LOVE cheesecake, and so does my son.¬† So much so that this child who prefers not to cook unless it can happen in the microwave will actually make cheesecake from scratch!ūüė≤For those times when you want cheesecake but do not want to make it from scratch this week’s local business of the week has you covered – Zoe Ann’s Cheesecake

Owner Zoe Ann who everyone calls Zoe bakes all of the cheesecakes herself.  She believes in quality over quantity.  The reason she choose to start baking cheesecakes is that she believed a product that tasted AMAZING would make people happy.

In today’s world where everyone is watching what they eat, Zoe Ann knows that there are times when people want to splurge and when they do what they splurge on should taste amazing and use good ingredients.¬† For this reason Zoe Ann uses Philadelphia brand cream cheese, butter, fresh heavy cream, nuts, liqueurs, pure extracts and fresh fruit.¬† While these ingredients cost more she knows that they are what makes her cheesecakes taste so good!

She says, ”¬†For instance, in our Coconut Cream ¬†cheesecake, we crack fresh coconuts, and use macadamia nuts in the ¬†crust. (Well, okay, I don’t personally crack the coconuts, my husband ¬†does that!) Our cheesecakes might seem a bit pricey, but when you ¬†consider the ingredients and labor involved in each and every flavor we ¬†offer, they are actually a good deal. Our cheesecakes are rich, creamy, ¬†and very satisfying. They are baked in small batches to ensure quality. I ¬†truly mean it when I use the phrase, quality over quantity, to describe ¬†my baking and business philosophy.”


All I can say is that, that coconut cream cheesecake sounds like something that needs to get in my belly (so long as it’s gluten free).¬† So, the next time you’re sweet tooth is screaming at you give Zoe Ann’s Cheesecakes a try, and let me know what you think.

Who Doesn’t Love A Good Burger?

My Copy of  January 2021 Graphics  copyLiving in Hillsboro you have probably heard of The Helvetia Tavern.¬† It’s this quaint burger joint right beyond the train tressels, and it’s one of those places that you go to when you’re looking for that relaxed country atmosphere, and honestly my kids love this place.

This family owned business has been around since 1946, and truly is a landmark in the Hillsboro area.¬† Let’s be honest, there aren’t a whole lot of restaurants that can say they’ve been around for 75 years, and continue to have a raving fan base.

The Helvetia Tavern is known for their burgers and fries – which are hand cut!¬† I mean how can you go wrong with hand cut fries, as well fresh ground beef burgers.¬† In addition to the amazing burgers and fries, they’ve got veggie burgers, onion rings, fish and chips – basically it is the local bar that you go to for an amazing burger.¬† PS:¬† They’ve got gluten free buns so you know my family is happy about that.

One of the things I love seeing since COVID hit is that you can drive by the the tavern and see families sitting outside with the back of the SUV open with a card table and chairs enjoying their take out.  If you are looking for a great Tuesday Takeout place please support this amazing local biz so they can be around for another 75 years.

33 Taps Oh My!!!!!!!

Ok, Christmas is over and you may not be as stressed out this year as years past because of social distancing, however that doesn’t mean you aren’t looking for a little downtime to relax with a pint right?¬† If so then you might just want to hit up this week’s local small business, The Iron Tap Station Taproom¬†located in Progress Ridge in Beaverton.

They have 33 taps so three are a ton of choices, and they offer wine, cider and beer.  They focus on PNW craft beers and are always looking for the best, tastiest selection too.  You can enjoy your beverage social distance style thanks to their outdoor porch seating or you can grab a can or growler to go.

If you happen to be in need of a snack they do offer some free snacks or you can feel free to bring  your own food with you.  My Copy of May 2020 Graphics  (1) copy 5

Ways To Make New Years Eve Special At Home

I think we all have come to accept that there isn’t one holiday in the past 10 months that as been normal.¬† We haven’t celebrated with our families, and it has just flat out been/felt weird.¬† I know that many of us are saddened that there isn’t the opportunity to go out and celebrate New Years Eve in a traditional fashion, however you can still make the night special from home with a few of these ideas:

  1. ¬†Dress up.¬† That’s right just because you’re celebrating at home doesn’t mean you can’t dress up.¬† Heck, even I’ve taken to wearing make-up every day even though I don’t really have anywhere to go just for the fact that it makes me feel good.
  2.  Create a signature cocktail for the evening.
  3. ¬†Do what we’ve been doing for months now with special events, have a Zoom New Years Eve party
  4. Watch the ball drop from Time Square.  Yes even that celebration will be more virtual but at least the tradition of the ball dropping is still going to happen, and I know we are all looking forward to it.
  5. Make some of your favorite appetizers, and why not share recipes with your friends so you all can be enjoying the same food?
  6. Plan a Zoom toast with friends to ring in 2021.
  7. Bing Netflix – it’s a great time to watch Tiger King if you haven’t already
  8. Host a virtual dance/karaoke party
  9. Charcuterie Board anyone?
  10. Pop some confetti at midnight
  11. Create a decadent dessert worthy of 2021

I have found my forever place to get my nails done!

My Copy of May 2020 Graphics  (1) copy 5Facebook memories is good for a lot of things.¬† It reminds you of how far you’ve come in a year and it also can remind you of things you love and want to do again.¬† For me it’s been getting my nails done recently.¬† The photos keep popping up and I’ve realized how much I’ve missed getting my nails done.

Prior to COVID I went and got them done regularly.¬† When we came out of quarantine I just wasn’t comfortable going to get them done.¬† Most nail salons I have been to are small and they usually have lots of people coming in and out.¬† Yes I know that you have to make an appointment and they are keeping a limit on the amount of people but I just wasn’t comfortable.

Yet I started to see those photos in my memories and was really wanting to get my nails done.  So I started to do some research to see what types of protocols the different nail salons had in place.  Honestly I was struggling to commit until I found Jenny at Osmosis Nail Spa. Located at the Sola Salon in the Streets of Tanasbourne this is now my forever place.  Why?  Well the concept behind the Sola Salons is amazing.  It is a salon that has 31 individual salon studios.  So while there are 31 different personal service providers in the building each provider has their own space with a door.  I loved this and the best part was that Jenny and I were the only two people in her space.

It was intimate and so relaxing.  Jenny is so sweet and takes such great care.  My cuticles were a hot mess when I went in and she was so gentle.  She is personable and just a joy to be around.  She made me feel like I was visiting a friend.

I have been obsessed with my nails since getting them done and while I love them I am really looking forward to my next appointment and time with Jenny.