Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

My Copy of May 2020 Graphics  (1) copy 5One of my favorite things about going for an early morning walk in my little town is that sometimes I get to smell fresh roasted coffee from this week’s local business, Oregon Coffee Roaster  Located in North Plains, Oregon; Oregon Coffee Roaster is a wholesale roaster of Arabica coffee and they also have an extensive line of loose leaf teas.

The owners are hands on and perform the coffee roasting, as well as having decades of experience.  For those of you who own a business and are looking for large quantities of coffee (10 lbs or more) you can contact them about ordering (503.647.5102;  For those of you at home you can shop right from their website and have the beans for your favorite cup of joe delivered to your door.

I personally am not a coffee drinker so it was interesting to learn that Arabica beans come from a different plant species than what we normally hear about and produce a richer cup of coffee.  When it comes to the roasting of the beans, Oregon Coffee Roaster utilizes the Sivete hot air method which gives you a clean consistent cup of coffee.

To stay up-to-date you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram at oregon_coffee_roaster

If Loving Chai Tea is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be Right.

My copy of December Graphics - Primary 2 copySo I am in no way shape or form a coffee drinker.  I tried a long time ago when I worked as a legal secretary and let’s just say it was a really bad idea.  However I do love chai tea, and am always on the look out for a place that is able to make a mean one which is why Kafe is now one of my faves.  My bonus child has been going into Forest Grove to get tea from them, and after doing some shopping on Saturday after Thanksgiving she took me there.  I am not going to lie my mouth fell open when they handed me the biggest iced chai I think I have ever seen.

As soon as we pulled up to this sweet little shop I was in love with everything about it.  The vibe inside is just clean and bright which makes you want to just sort of hang out there for awhile.  In addition to the chai that I got they also have a boba bar, loose leave teas, espresso, and a lava bar.  Think an amazing looking drink with a donut on top!  Oh and if you’re looking for a snack they’ve got some pastas as well as a toast bar.  I really need to find out if they have gluten free bread because the pictures of the toast looks amazing.  I’m talking bacon egg and avocado or how about a sweet brown which is butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.

They’re located in downtown Forest Grove on Pacific. So the next time you find yourself in Forest Grove be sure to stop by or take a drive because it’s so worth it.