Staging Tips & Moving Hacks

Untitled design-14 copy 24So, you hear the word staging and might be thinking that means your Realtor® is hiring a professional to come in and replace all your stuff.  While a professional stager may be needed for some situations, there are simple things you and your Realtor® can do to stage your home with the items you already own.  Here are a few things that can help to get your home staged to sell:

  • Remove unnecessary furniture.  You may not want to move all of the furniture you have to your next home.  Staging your home is a great time to decide what furniture is going to stay and what is going to leave.  Then you can donate it or sell it before you move which means it’s one less thing you have to take with you.
  • Replace darker curtains with lighter ones.  The lighter colors will help make the room feel bigger, brighter and more inviting to potential buyers.
  • Pack away family pictures.  I know that this can be a difficult one because you love to look at the memories each day.  Remember the goal is to get your home sold.  When your family pictures are out it can make it more difficult for potential buyers to picture themselves living in your home.
  • Remove items from the counter tops.  This provides the feeling of space and makes rooms look bigger.
  • Clean and paint your front door as it’s the first impression of what potential buyers will see inside.

This is just a small example of staging that can be done without a professional, and will help to get your home sold.  When you choose me as your Realtor® these are just a few of the staging ideas I bring to the table.  Oh, and never fear you won’t be alone in getting those staging items done because helping to stage with your  items  you already own is just one of the many services I provide my clients.

Once your home is sold, it’s time to start packing, which can seem overwhelming.  So, to help, I have a quick video from my friend Danielle Labarbera who has moved multiple times (I believe close to 10 or 11) and she has 5 great moving hacks in this video to help make your move just a little easier. Untitled design-14 copy 25