Seller Tips

So you’re ready to sell your home but where to begin?  The first step is to find the right Real Estate Agent to sell your home.  Why is this so important?  It is important because you need to find an agent that will provide you with value, and one that fits with your personality.  Selling a home can be stressful and you want an Agent who will explain the process from start to finish because understanding the process can help alleviate some of the stress.

Untitled design-14 copy 22Next you need to think about curb appeal because it really is important.  The outside of your home will provide the first impression of your home to a potential buyer.  Think about investing in some plants to add color, and consider painting your front door.  Also, consider fixing those small things that may have been on your to do list for awhile, but you just haven’t gotten to yet.  These fixes are relatively small and easy but will be beneficial in the long run when a potential buyer falls in love with the outside of your home because it felt welcoming when they pulled up in the driveway.

Then comes the decluttering, depersonalization and deep cleaning you’ll want to do.  When this is done you may think that you live in a museum, but these steps are worth it because they allow a potential buyer to picture themselves living in your home. Once this is done you will  want to keep your home  “show” ready.  There a few small things that you can do daily to make this easier. By putting things away after they’ve been used, folding the laundry and putting it away so it’s not out, and my favorite trick is the swish and swipe of the sink and toilets every morning you can ensure that your home is ready for any last minute showings.  A quick tip to making sure it’s easy to swish and swipe those sinks is to keep some bleach wipes under your bathroom sink.  Then you can grab one after you’ve gotten ready in the morning to quickly clean the bathroom sink so it’s sparkly, shining and ready for its close up with those potential buyers who are coming to view your home.  I know that this all seems like a daunting task, however keep in mind that potential buyers are expecting to see a home that looks like the listing photos so by doing these small tasks each day you can ensure that your home is show ready.

After those viewings from potential buyers you can expect to get some feedback from the buyers agent.  While feedback can often feel negative, do not take it personally.  Potential buyers are trying to picture themselves in your home.  A good agent will help to act as a buffer with regard to negative feedback.  In addition, a good agent will put that feedback into perspective by sharing the constructive parts, and how they can be helpful for future showings.Untitled design-14 copy 21

Finally, when you accept an offer the closing process begins.  During this time the home inspections will occur after which you and your Agent will work to negotiate any repairs with the buyers and their Agent.  Once the repairs have been negotiated they will need to be completed, and you can expect to pay for those items out-of-pocket.   An appraisal will also be performed during this time, and the buyers will have a final walk through of the property.  While the process may seem overwhelming, a good agent will be there during every step to answer any questions you have.