Untitled design-14 copy 34Nestled at the foot of the Oregon Coastal Range, the City of Banks is a small community in Western Washington County, that sits just outside of the Portland Metro Urban Growth Boundary.  Like Cornelius, Oregon the City of Banks benefited from the railroad.  In 1901 the railroad announced that it would run through the dairy farm of John L. Banks.

When this announcement was made the community post office, businesses and school were located two miles away in the town of Wilkes.  The community understood how important the railroad would be, and made the decision to move the town closer to the railroad.   The post office took on the name of Banks and following tradition the town took on the name of the post office.

The railroad would not be the only change the City of Banks would see.  When the Sunset Highway was commissioned, despite lobbying from the town, Banks was bypassed.  This meant that new businesses made the decision to locate to towns that were located along the highway meant that Banks had an economic downturn, that continued during the timber industries fall during the 1980s.   However, thanks to the High Tech Industry, and Banks being located in Western Washington County there has been some growth, however the city remains a small town that is great for families.

In addition to being a great place for families, Banks offers a great opportunity to get outside and experience all of the amazing things Banks has to offer.    You can visit local farms on the Banks Farm Trail.

Head out for a hike on the Banks-Vernonia State Trail.

Visit Killin Wetlands or L.L. Staub Stewart State Park, or if that is not  your cup of tea you may enjoy golfing at Quail Valley Golf Course or heading to the races at the Sunset Speedway.  If you choose to make Banks your home you will find plenty to do while enjoying the peace and quiet of a small town with close proximity to all that Portland has to offer.  Untitled design-14 copy 35