Prepared to be overwhelmed with soooo many plants…………

I am so happy that the days are longer, and my yard is starting to be full of color.  It really has me excited to head out to one of my favorite nurseries that is close to home…..Blooming Junction

Why do my husband and I love Blooming Junction so much?  I love that it is just 10 minutes away from my home, they have soooo many plants, they have a wonderful blog for you to follow, when COVID isn’t here they have done classes and events, plus if you’re interested in doing a CSA – community supported agriculture.

Another thing that we absolutely love about Blooming Junction is the fact that they have a plants on hand list on their website.  This can come in handy when you are wanting to go look for a specific plant and wondering if they have it.  In our house that one plant is purple fountain grass.  I feel in love with this fun grass 8 years ago.  As it grows it produces these fun soft tufts that are just so pretty.  Typically a grass is something that will come back year after year.  Purple fountain grass is not one of those items.  We have to plant it every year and have struggled to find it at times.  Blooming Junction has always had it when we go to look for it.

When we go to visit Blooming Junction we make sure that we have a few hours because the place is so large, and I get overwhelmed that it takes us awhile to pick out the plants that we want.  I find that I find something, then roam and go back.

Another thing that I love is that they have a little grocery style store there with some amazing products.  Many of which are unique and would make great gifts.

Blooming Junction is located at 35105 Zion Church Road, Cornelius, OR or contact them at