Italian Food is Made With Love

It’s the truth, Italian food always feels like it’s made with love.  I believe it’s because you’re reminded of an Italian Nona who has spent all Sunday making the sauce, and preparing tasty dishes for the family to enjoy.  Maybe that’s why I love Italian food so much, and have missed it over the past 6 years since my Celiac Diagnosis.

If you are a lover of Italian Food then you are going to want to try this week’s featured business of the week Decarli located in Beaverton.  Keep in mind, that like many businesses COVID and the restrictions put in place by Governor Brown they have been closed for a bit, and are slated to re-open on February 3rd, which means you’ll have to wait a few more weeks before enjoying their food.  However, while you wait why not hear a little bit about Decarli and it’s owners Paul and Jana.

Jana is a native Oregonian who graduated from U of O, while Paul is a long time Oregonian who graduated from the Western Culinary Institute.  One of the fabulous things about Decarli is that they enjoy using seasonal ingredients that can be found throughout the state to create amazing dishes.  Paul’s culinary influence comes from his Swiss/Italian-American heritage to create unique food that is both rustic and sophisticated.

If  you are looking to dine somewhere that has a fabulous ambiance look know further than Decarli.  Paul and Han have worked hard to create a warm, authentic environment in their 4000 square foot space.  The restaurant features Doug Fir floors, exposed brick walls, tall beams and rafters that are accentuated by an amazing skylight, and you cannot forget the amazing brass chandelier hanging in their dining room which was salvaged from the historic Benson Hotel in Downtown Portland.

Decarli is the perfect spot for date night or girls night out with the open kitchen that overlooks the bar area that will keep you feeling at home.  Please be sure to support them on Takeout Tuesday when they reopen on February 3rd






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