Welcome Back Venetian!

My Copy of  January 2021 Graphics  copyAs a mom to adult children one of the things I truly love is being able to go out to dinner either by myself, with my husband or with my friends – not that I’ve been doing a lot of that these days.  One of the reasons I love it so much is because restaurants aren’t chosen based of  of the kids menu.  If you have littles you know what I’m talking about – if the restaurant doesn’t have some sort of chicken nugget or mini-corn dogs on the menu it is out.  It is for this exact reason that I am beyond excited that The Venetian is back open again in Hillsboro.

In April of 2020 this beautiful building that has been vacant for several years found new owners with the team at NW Events & Environments.  I absolutely have to give props to this amazing group of humans who took the chance in the middle of COVID to create/revamp a former business and event space given all the restrictions that are in place.  It takes a lot of faith and it is my hope that the Hillsboro Community will rally around these humans to help them out because I know that when everything is over, and we can attend events again that The Venetian is going to be the perfect space.

However, while we wait for that to happen you can still support them through their take out menu.  I personally am a big fan of TakeOut Tuesday due to my lack of cooking skills so any excuse to get something tasty and help our community I’m all for especially if it means something different.  For example the Venetian Burger isn’t your normal cheeseburger because they put chili candied bacon on it.   In addition, if you love fries like I do they have certainly upped the fry game with truffle and sea salt fries, pork fat and tarragon fries, or duck fat and rosemary fries (yes they do have regular fries too).

So, if you’re looking to do a girls night in, date night in or just don’t feel like cooking please order some take out from The Venetian.