History can be a friend

cosmic-timetraveler-zh_ofCt2r9c-unsplashI love history and genealogy and all things that help you connect with the past.  I suppose it has to do with my belief that we need to know and understand our past in order to learn from it.  So this week’s hot spot of the week fits right into – Friends of Historic Forest Grove

If you have ever traveled to Forest Grove you know that it is a beautiful and unique small town.  The Friends of Historic Forest Grove is a public charity that was formed in 1987 by people who understood just how important Forest Grove is with regard to the history of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

What makes Forest Grove so unique?  It was used as a test site to establish a process for identifying and designating historical resources in the state.  This process provided awareness to the number of structures that had the potential to qualify as historic properties.  The folks who started Friends of Historic Forest Grove organized in order to help homeowners and the community understand as well as appreciate the heritage of the town.  They also provided resources and helped educate homeowners on how to preserve and restore these properties.

The charity operates solely off of volunteer help.  The members work includes documenting the history of the area in order to make it available for public research purposes.  They also use the resources they have gathered in educational programs for classrooms, as well as civic and public presentations.

They celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2019 and are currently working to create a living account of the Coronavirus Pandemic through a living history journal.