Golf Cars Aren’t Just for Golfing

My Copy of May 2020 Graphics  (1) copy 5One of the unique things about living in North Plains is seeing all the golf cars on trailers headed to the local repair place and seeing the golf cars from J&S Golf Car Rental  When I first moved here it took me a few to figure out where all the golf carts were coming from, and I suppose it shouldn’t have surprised me since we are located so close to Pumpkin Ridge Golf Course

They have a fleet of over 400 golf cars that you can rent out, and they’ve got a golf car for pretty much any event you can think of.

  • Tournament Cars
  • Four Passenger Cars
  • Utility Flatbed Cars
  • 6 Passenger Shuttles
  • Utility Box/Cargo Cars
  • Beverage Unit
  • Deluxe Beverage Unit

When you visit North Plains for the annual Garlic Festival (unfortunately cancelled this year) you will see their golf cars around town as they are used to shuttle patrons to and from the event, as well as for the organizers and vendors to quickly move about the space.  So when we can go back to having events and you need a golf car keep them in mind because golf cars are perfect for tournaments, parties, reunions and weddings.

J&S Golf Car Rental is located at 10885 NW Main Street in North Plains, OR 97133.  You can contact them at 503.647.1984 or email –