jeremy-wong-weddings-K41SGnGKxVk-unsplashOne thing about the past few months, nothing that we do is like it once was, and weddings are no different.  I have watched friends struggle with the decision to cancel their wedding, or not.  The decision is an individual one, however my personal opinion is why should you postpone getting married when we have no idea if/when we will be able to have large gatherings.  


You can still get married, and celebrate, it will just require you to think outside the box.  Here are a few ideas.


Guest Count 


With events having a guest cap on them of 10 or less in some places why not put technology to use for you?  You can have a small number of guests, and then live stream the ceremony via Zoom, Google Hangouts or Facetime.  In addition, why not think about hiring an audio visual person that can video and record the entire event as well as setup a big screen to project your guests onto so you can see them during the ceremony, they can deliver wedding speeches and you can all dance together.


You may need to consider modifying the format for your wedding.  You could try some of these ideas.




This is a mini ceremony with few people in attendance.  It allows you to still get married while postponing the big wedding for a time when the COVID cloud has lifted.




This is an event of up to 50 people (if allowed by your local government).  With less people in attendance you can indulge on a top shelf bar, gourmet food or live entertainment.


Shift Wedding 


In this situation you would have smaller groups at the reception, and they would all be assigned different time slots.  It would allow for social distancing, as well as sanitization in between groups.  Be sure to check with your venue to see if this type of event would be something that would work.


Multi Wedding


This is where you combine events and invite specific people from the guest list to those events.  For example you could invite elderly guests to the rehearsal dinner and ceremony, while your friends attend virtually.  Then your friends could come for the reception and post-wedding brunch the next day.


Wear a Mask


Yes it’s weird, but masks are our newest fashion accessory.  You can find masks that match the bridal parties outfits, and I have seen some beautiful masks for brides.


Get Ready Together Online


Rather than have the whole bridal party get together at the same time, you can have one or two with you while the rest of the party gets ready at a different location.  You can use technology to still get ready together and have fun.


Ceremony Seating


Think outside of the box when it comes to seating.  Depending on your venue you may be able to configure seats in a circle to allow guests to spread out.


I know that for many celebrating big life moments like getting married COVID has changed what those moments look like.  It’s my hope that you found some ideas that will work for you, and that you are able to do whatever is best for your specific situation.


Thank you to for all of these amazing ideas.