Summer is Here Time for Home Improvement Projects

My Copy of May 2020 Graphics  (1) copy 5I live on a flag lot and the driveway to our home is dirt.  We would like to have it paved, and that’s how I found this week’s local business, Hoss Paving – I was doing research.   Sometimes you will find a business that is not willing to do smaller jobs, Hoss Paving is NOT one of those businesses.  As a midsized company they will do all kinds of asphalt projects from patch jobs to highways.  Which is good for home owners to know.

Hoss Paving is owned by a Wes Weaver who is a second generation paver.  He learned the business from his father who started his own paving company in the 1970s.  He is a member of the Association of General Contractors, provides estimates, is bonded & insured for both residential and commercial work.  As a homeowner having someone who is bonded and insured performing the work on your home is important because it means that if something goes horribly wrong they have insurance to cover the issue.

Something I learned from their website while doing my research is that the thickness of the asphalt depends on the vehicle weight that will be traveling on the asphalt as well as the application.  A typical depth for residential application is 2″ although many homeowners prefer a 2 1/2″ depth of asphalt.  If you are looking for light industrial or commercial application the thickness starts at 3″.  As you can imagine heavier loads and higher use would require a thicker asphalt.

If you are in need of their services Hoss Paving is located in North Plains, Oregon at PO Box 291, 97133.  They can be reached at 503.647.1220 or  You can also find them on Facebook