This Kitchen is a Gut Job….or Is It?

19The 80’s & 90’s oh how we love you, your oak kitchen cabinetry not so much.  Touring homes with clients I run into the honey oak cabinets from the 80’s & 90’s all the time, and typically the thing I hear from them is that this kitchen is a total remodel.  Which as we all know can be EXPEN$SIVE!!!!  Not to mention the thought of a total kitchen remodel can be overwhelming to some.  However, there is a solution that can keep you from completely gutting the kitchen, and starting all over…..painting your kitchen cabinets.  In one of my previous homes I had the dark 1970’s cabinetry and I painted the boxes myself, while my late husband made new door and drawer fronts, so I know how time consuming doing it yourself can be.   Also, many people don’t want to do it themselves which is where this week’s local business comes in, K’tique Redesign.

Owned by Katie Knutson, K’tique Redesign was founded in April of 2018.  Katie takes those ugly dated honey oak cabinets and transform them into beautiful 2020 style gems! She is located in Boring, Oregon but works throughout the Portland Metro area and recently completed a job in Forest Grove.   Katie is a one woman show so when you contact her to turn your outdated kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams you will know that she’s the one you will be working with from start to finish.  I personally find that nice as I have had contractors out for projects in the past where we have agreed upon what needs to be done but that doesn’t get communicated to the folks doing the work, and then the project turns into a mess because it’s not what we had discussed.

So, what are the benefits to having your cabinets painted as opposed to just starting over?  Well, cost for one.  It’s expensive to rip out old cabinets and then add new ones.  In addition by having your cabinets redone there is no need to rip out your counter tops, flooring, sink, etc.  So, if you’re wanting to re-do your kitchen but the thought of tearing everything out is overwhelming talk to Katie because painting your cabinets may be the solution you are looking for.