Soooo…You Have A Birthday & COVID-19 Stands to Ruin It….What Do You Do?

adi-goldstein-Hli3R6LKibo-unsplashOk, in our house my son is the king of major weather events ruining his birthday.  First birthday – wind storm that knocked out power to our town of Sweet Home (where we lived at the time), the grocery store was running on generator power, I had no clue of our home would have power or not, and all the roads were a hot mess with trees all over the place.  Fast forward to his 13th birthday and we have a massive snow storm that had schools shut down for a few days, fear that no one would show up because it was hard to get around, fear that the venue would cancel.  You name it I was worried about it.  So, the fact that his birthday was in February, and not ruined by COVID is a surprise to me, but it also would have been par for the course.

However I know that many of you are missing out on some serious major birthday mile stones and hopefully here are some ideas to help you continue to celebrate:


Throw a video call for family.  Family can gather around the screen to watch the birthday boy or girl open presents, sing happy birthday and blow out the candles on their cake.


Outdoor movie night –  With the use of a projector, white sheet and some seating such as blankets or camping chairs you have all the items needed to turn your backyard into an amazing theater.  If you have enough space and your comfortable with it you can set up some seating 6 feet apart and invite a few friends over – just make sure you do it safely and follow your state guidelines for events.  Also be sure you have enough snacks at the snack bar for everyone who is attending.

Throw a scavenger hunt – Kiddos see their backyard and home in one way, especially after being stuck inside for over 60+ days.  Why not create a scavenger hunt to get your kiddos to see your backyard in a new light.  Siblings can get involved, and you could get friends to get in on the vun through video chat such as FaceTime or Zoom on your phone.  Come up with things that you and your kiddos friends families can hide in their yard and then go and search.  You could even do a porch drop off of items for them to hide in the yard, as well as a prize for everyone who participates.

Stream the entertainment – If you were planning to have a performer come to the party see if they can do their show virtually.  Also, maybe you have a performer who your kiddos love that lives out of town.  What a great opportunity to see if they will do something virtually for the birthday kiddo.

Video Cards/Greetings – Have your family and their friends use an app like Marco Polo to send birthday messages.


Virtual Karaoke – Throw a virtual karaoke party thorugh Zoom or a platform like  Watch2Gether, which enables users to stream videos at the same rate (typing the song you want plus “karaoke” into the search bar at the top of the page will deliver them).

Host a Remote Sleepover – Sleepovers are such a big part of childhood and right now they’re non-existent. However there is a way to do them virtually through a video call where they can do games and fun things together such as pedicures, snacks and talking with each other.  Of course a sleepover has to have a movie right.  Well did you know that Netflix has a party extension?  Yep that’s right just download the Netflix Party extension and your teens can enjoy a movie together.

Game Night – Who doesn’t miss getting to play some games and there a few ways to make this work.  You can use Facebook’s Instant Games for some fun classics like  Uno and Cribbage. If you don’t want to be dependent on Facebook you can get the teens together, which has games like Cards Against Humanity.  While I like playing this game with my kiddos I would suggest you leave the room for this one to avoid any awkward moments.  If you want more game night ideas check out this blog post hosting virtual game nights.

I hope you found some great ideas to help make that birthday special, and if you’re looking for one more fun that isn’t virtual how about a yard card from Hooray! Yard Cards – Oregon    The come and set it up in the morning of the date you request so it’s ready for the birthday human when they wake up and then come and remove it that evening.