How to Drink Bubble Tea in a Reusable Cup.

12Ok, bubble tea is tasty, but because of boba it requires a plastic cup and a HUGE plastic straw, but no more.  This week’s featured local business, BBtea Jar, solves the problem of needing those huge plastic straws and cups thanks to their adorable reusable mason jars with bamboo lids and metal straws.

Now I know what you’re thinking, I’m not into bubble tea, but I do like smoothies, and these jars are perfect for those as well.  Each jar comes with two different sizes of metal straws as well as a single size bristle brush for cleaning.  They cost $19 which is reasonable when you consider what other reusable tumblers and cups go for.  I love the fact that BBtea Jars offers a canvas utility pouch to store your straws in on the go.  I carry metal straws with me in my purse and having a canvas bag to keep them in is so handy.  These adorable tumblers are dishwasher safe which is perfect.

BBtea Jars was founded by Malisa Tep in February of 2020.  Located in Hillsboro, Oregon BBtea Jars intention is to help in reducing plastic waste yet providing a chic reusable jar for boba tea lovers or for everyday personal use.  You can find them online at their website, BBTea Jars or Facebook.