Need Some Distance Learning Help?

21Ok, let’s be real, for many of us parents out there we my find ourselves a little in over our heads with regard to this whole distance learning thing.  Please know that it’s absolutely ok to feel like you’re in over your head just a little bit, and if you do there’s help out there.  Which is where this weeks local business/hot spot of the week comes in, it’s Hillsboro Learning Center.

Sherri Rae purchased Hillsboro Learning Center in September of 2019. She has a BS in Elementary Education with minors in Child Development and Social Science. In addition to her teaching degree she obtained her Montessori Certification for teaching preschoolers aged 3 – 6.  The Hillsboro Learning Center is not the first business that Sherri has owned.  She founded Misty Mountain Learning Center in Puyallup, Washington prior to moving to Hillsboro in 2010.  In addition, she has worked as an early childhood educator/tutor and as a consultant & curriculum specialist for child care and preschool businesses throughout the Hillsboro Community.  This type of experience is very valuable in a tutor as it gives them the ability to adapt to the different types of curriculum that students are working with.

She provides one-on-one services which allows students to go at their own pace with regard to mastering the content/skill.  She is working to update her services so checking in to see what she’s offering right now and how she is doing tutoring while social distancing is important.

With regard to pricing it’s $50 for one hour with an experienced teacher/tutor, and she’s offering a discount of $10 off each one hour session while stay at home order is in effect.  In addition there is a 10% family discount if you have more than one kiddo signed up for tutoring sessions.

While my kids are all in college, I know that if they were still in public school and we were having to distance learn this is something I would sign them up for.  I’m good with history, and english subjects but anything else and we’re in trouble in my house.