Do I really need all this stuff????

As a Realtor® I spend a lot of time in the car, and the radio or streaming music can get really boring.  I began to look at the time in the car, as time I could be productive by listening to audio books or podcasts.  Recently I have been listening to Cait Flanders book The Year of Less.  The jist of it is that she spent a year doing a shopping ban and purged over half of her belongings that she wasn’t using as well.  The more time I have spent listening to this book the more I have thought about the clutter in my own home, and the fact that I just need to get rid of some stuff.

IMG_8989While I should go on a shopping ban, I know myself well, and know that probably wouldn’t work.  I am working on thinking about purchases as a want v. need item, and have decided to do the whole declutter thing and look at the percentages of stuff I take out of my home.  Today I tackled one of the cabinets in my bathroom.    As I pulled items out of the cabinet I counted just how much stuff was in it.  Friends, there were 73 items in just this one cabinet!  No wonder I wound up with 3 things of dental floss piks, I could never find them when I needed them.  IMG_8991

As I started to put items away there were some things that I knew I was never going to use and were not able to be sent on to a new home, so I threw them away.  There were a few things that needed to be pulled out of the cabinet so they could be used, and then there was the stuff that needed to go back in. When all was said and done I got rid of 38% of the items that were in the cabinet!  I am shocked and it’s no wonder I could never find anything.  IMG_8992

Now I know that this type of purge isn’t for everyone, however what I’ve decided is that I need to realize if I had to move I don’t want to do this stuff at that time.  This means it’s important for me to continue to keep the stuff in check.  I’ll keep you posted on how things go.