Everyone needs a little tranquility from time to time.

FB:IG posts for 1:27 & 1:28Shortly after I went back to school to get my Bachelors degree in 2012 I started getting massages for self-care, and to help with the sore tired muscles from long hours of staring at the computer studying. It’s a self-care practice that I have continued.  I carry stress in my shoulders, and spending hours at the computer can cause a lot of tension to build up.  Massage has been so beneficial for me.  So this week’s Westside hot spot, Soma Wellness Spa located on Imbrie Drive in Hillsboro, is meant to help you relax.

I learned about Soma from one of my fellow agents, Sarah Malarkey, as some of her friends are the owners.  I was so excited to get such a glowing recommendation for some place local as my massage therapist will be on maternity leave soon and I will need to find someplace to go during that time.

I loved the vibe of Soma’s website the first time I visited it, and there approach combines medical expertise with an Ayurveda spa-care experience to make the largest health benefit impact possible.  They have spa treatments available as well as massage, and for those that wish to go on a regular basis they have memberships that provide a discounted price on services.  I am excited to visit them soon.