Fusion Cuisine with Fresh Ingredients

IG:FB 1:20 postMy kiddos love to venture to Forest Grove on a regular basis, and recently they came across a great little restaurant….Bites Restaurant .  The came home raving about how good it was.

One of the things I loved hearing is how Bites uses local ingredients and then puts a fresh spin on them.  They’ve got kimchi fries (which I know my husband will love), Alfredo Sen Yai (artichokes with rice noodles and alfredo sauce), salmon fish tacos, and so much more.  As I look at their menu I love the fusion aspect of taking something like a burger and giving it a twist.  Another thing that I really like is that they offer gluten free options (keep in mind there may be some cross contamination so if you have Celiac be sure to talk to them about their practices).

So, if you are looking for some place unique to go to dinner put this on your list of places to try.  I know it will be a date night soon for my husband and I.