Flowers and Chocolates Have a Way of Bringing People Together

Hotspot of the week 1:13When my Grandma Horak was alive she always used to tell us that she wanted her flowers when she alive, not when she was dead.  It’s the main reason why I love having fresh flowers in my house, so when I ran across Le Chic Flowers & Sweets, LLC on Instagram I was in love.

Owner and lead designer Irene Kay Lachica learned to love arranging flowers thanks to her Grandmother and her love for growing orchids.  In addition she has a auntie who grows a variety of flowers in her garden that are beautiful.  Their influence and love of flowers lead Irene to the hobby of planting flowers while allowing her to connect with her family.   She began arranging flowers as a hobby which also gave her a great escape from the stress that life can bring. 

When Irene looks at a bunch of flowers she pictures them as a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  She then puts an artistic twist onto her bouquets which turn them into something truly magical.  She loves to take the color scheme and theme her clients give her to create an arrangement that is a work of art.

She loves to make arrangements to give to friends and co-workers just because the smiles on their faces are a reward for her.  While she loves receiving flowers from friends and loved ones she often feels like the bouquets are often too expensive, therefore she has worked hard to create a business that provides beautiful floral arrangements for her clients at a reasonable price

When she see a bunch of flowers she picture something out of the norm and creates it into life.  It‘s truly fun to put some artistic twist into the bouquets.  When my clients give me a color scheme and theme, I create the arrangement by their specification and I put a few extra touches here and there for the art of it.  Some of the arrangements that I create just because, I give to friends or co-workers.  The smile I get from that is quite rewarding.  For me, it’s not work but it is something that I really enjoy doing.  Another reason was that I used to receive flowers from love ones that are way too expensive for the amount of flowers given.  Also, the exuberant cost of the purchased flowers always make me feel guilty for accepting them.

Located in Beaverton Le Chic Flowers and Sweets Boxes are sure to put a smile on your face.