Music is like a dream…..

My copy of December Graphics - Primary 2 (1) copy 25I grew up playing the flute and was blessed to have an amazing band director, and private instructor.  The memories and friendships I made through high school marching band were amazing.  So, when my children were born I was hopeful that they would want to play an instrument or be involved in marching band, color guard or drum line.

I was so happy when my daughter decided that she wanted to learn to play the guitar in fourth grade.  She took lessons from one of the elementary school teachers I worked with, and then when we moved to North Plains in 2011 we looked for a place for her to take lessons.  We found Mir Music when her brother decided he wanted to play the trombone, and needed to rent one.  So, we rented a beginner trombone for him, then bought him a trombone, and I also purchased a beautiful guitar for my daughter from them.  They are very helpful and knowledgeable which was really nice when trying to figure out what type of trombone to get for my son.

My daughter also started taking guitar lessons from Joe Alioa who teaches guitar, bass and ukulele lessons.  He was so patient with her and taught her some amazing techniques that she continues to use to this day when learning a new song on the guitar.   Mir Music  also has instructors that offer drum (their drum instructor is Ron Hurst who is the drummer for Steppenwolf) , piano, woodwind, vocal, string lessons and more.

Mir Music has been a fixture in downtown Hillsboro for the past 28 years and is located at 331 East Main.