But doesn’t it hurt?????

My copy of December Graphics - Primary 2 copy 7One of the things I love about Hillsboro is all of the the things there are for kiddos to do to keep them busy.  When my son was in the 8th grade and my daughter was a Sophomore at Glencoe High School we found the Oregon Airsoft Arena.  Now I know what you might be thinking, don’t those little air soft bbs hurt (layers are your friend)?   Yes, they do as I found out at my daughter’s 16th birthday party but the fun we had was worth the pain.  Her friends had so much fun at the party that we wound up renting the place out for my son’s 13th birthday as well.

The arena is indoor which makes it nice for those no school rainy days because it allows the kiddos to get out of the house and have some fun that isn’t in front of the tv or computer screen.  For those who have all of the gear (that would be my son) there are passes that you can buy to play that range in price from $10-$30.  If you are wanting to try it out they have a try me package which gets you everything you need to play for an hour ($25 for one hour, then $10 for every hour after).  My son always came home exhausted after.

If getting hit by a tiny bb isn’t your idea of a good time they have other options for for you when you rent the arena.  You can have a nerf war (um sign me up for that one), laser tag or you can check out their archery attack (think dodgeball meets archery).  If you plan to check them out and play be sure to arrive early as they require you to sign a waiver before playing. So, the next time you are looking for something fun to do or a place to hold your child’s next birthday party be sure to check out Oregon Airsoft Arena it really is a blast