Man’s Best Friend Giving You Trouble?

My Copy of November Graphics (2)When it comes to dogs, I seem to have won the dog lottery.  They were all well behaved and took to the training we did quickly and easily.  However I know that isn’t always the case, and if that’s you then I think I have the solution to your misbehaving dog problems…..Off Leash K-9 Training Portland.

I learned about this company when a friend of mine began working for them, and it intrigued me.  Off Leash K-9 Training Portland is one of 130 locations nation wide.  Specializing in private lessons, dog behavior consultations and helping dog owners to understand why their furry four legged companions do what they do all while your dog is off leash.

I love the fact that they provide a phone consultation and different packages depending on what your needs are.  From basic training to boarding and training they have an option for everyone.  In addition to all the different training options they believe that 98% of all dogs are capable of being trained no matter what breed, size, age or shape.  So, if Fido is giving you troubles give Off Leash K-9 Training Portland a call and see if they can help.