I scream, you scream, we all scream for…..frozen yogurt?

My Copy of November Graphics copy 26Over the past few years it seems as though self-serve yogurt shops have popped up everywhere you look.  This tasty treat has been around for centuries though, as yogurt has been around for more than 5,000 years with its origins in the middle east.  However it wasn’t until the 1970s that the tasty frozen yogurt treat of today was born.  Back in the 70s when H.P. Foods introduced the world to foryo it was called frogurt.  And while I may be dating myself I do remember TCBY from back in the 80s . – the precursor to today’s self-serve frozen yogurt shops.

Maybe that’s why I love heading out to my favorite local frozen yogurt shop in Forest Grove, The Pink Spoon, with my kiddos.  I have memories of my own childhood going to TCBY.  My family loves going out for froyo, and The Pink Spoon provides us with options for everyone as they always have a couple of dairy free options to choose from, and so many of their flavors are gluten free.

This adorable little shop has become a place that we go to when we have had a very crappy day or are just wanting a tasty treat.  The memories that are made on the way there are always fantastic, and the laughter we have once we get there is always special.   In our house it’s not uncommon for someone to announce at 7 PM that they are headed to froyo, and my kiddos often meet their friends there.  It’s clear that The Pink Spoon has quickly become a favorite spot for many others, including the students from Pacific University.   So if you are craving a tasty treat, looking to chase away the blues from a crappy day or in need of a study break The Pink Spoon is a great place to go.