Gluten Free Chinese Food??? Yes it’s possible thanks to Happy Panda.

restaurant-1762493_1920Five years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and dining out as I knew it ceased to exist.  Especially when it came to Chinese food.  You see shortly after my diagnosis we went to our local hole in the wall Chinese restaurant and it was a disaster.  I was still coming to terms with all of the foods I could no longer eat.  We went to the restaurant and tried explaining to the lovely woman who was our waitress that I could not eat soy sauce, yes friends it’s got gluten in it.  As we were trying to navigate the menu and get her to understand she looked me straight in the eyes and said no soy sauce no flavor.  I almost started bawling right then and there because I was well aware of the fact that soy sauce was in all of the foods I loved.  I wound up eating the most boring Chinese dinner of all times – steamed veggies with no flavor.

After this adventure I thought my days of  going out for Chinese food were over.  That proved not to be the case thanks to PF Changs, however it’s just not quite the same experience as hitting up your local hole in the wall Chinese restaurant.  Therefore when my daughter came home from her boyfriend at the time’s house raving about Happy Panda in Aloha, OR and that they had amazing gluten free Chinese food I was excited.

We ventured out and let me just say they did not disappoint.  One of the things I missed most was sweet and sour chicken, and Happy Panda makes a great sweet and sour chicken with shrimp that is gluten free.  I also love their cashew nut chicken done gluten free too.   Plus you can order online and go pick it up so my days of Chinese food take out are no longer a thing of the past.  You can check out their online menu here:  Happy Panda .

If you have Celiac and are super sensitive you may want to ask a few more questions than I have to make sure that there’s no cross contamination.  No one in my family has gotten sick from eating there, however I know that each individual is different so please do your research and ask questions.  If after asking the questions you feel it’s a safe option for you I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.