Hillsboro’s Tiny Libraries A Part of the Little Free Library Movement

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The little library movement is sweeping the nation and has hit Hillsboro.  You may have noticed several new tiny libraries have popped up around the city, and wonder what it is all about.

It is really quite easy to borrow a book from the tiny library.  Hillsboro Library spokesperson, Mary Loftin says that the rules for these tiny libraries are simple.  If you see a book you like you take it home, and read it.  Then when you are done simply drop the book off at any of the tiny libraries across the city for others to enjoy.  The library realizes that not everyone can get to a branch location so this is their way of reaching more people in our community.

One might wonder if the library is concerned about books not being returned.  One of the unique features of a tiny library is that they are not staffed, and books are taken on the honor system.  You are welcome to enjoy them as long as you like, plus since the books at a tiny library are not like standard library books they do not have to be returned.

It should also be noted that these tiny libraries are not checked by librarians, so if you happen to have an overdue library book they ask that you DO NOT return it to a tiny library.  Overdue library books still need to be returned to an actual library branch.

The books you will find at the tiny library are provided by the Friends of the Hillsboro Public Library which is a a non-profit.  With their help the Hillsboro Library can continue to think outside of the box to provide access to library books for those who are unable to make it to a branch location.

Tiny Library Locations include:  Bagley Park, Evergreen Park, Frances Street Park, McKinney Park, Orenco Woods Nature Park, Tuner Creek Park and Walnut Street Park

*information courtesy of Pamplin Media Group