Artist Trading Cards???

The other day I was reading the Hillsboro Tribune online and came across an article by Monica Salazar that talked about artist trading cards.  My first reaction was what on earth is this, however the beautiful photograph that accompanied the article intrigued me.

Artist Trading Cards aka ATC began in Switzerland in the late 1990s by the Swiss artist M. Vanci Stirnemann.  ATC is sometimes called performance art, and is a community exchange.  The only rule is that those who choose to be a part of the ATC must make their cards 2 1/2″ by 3 1/2″.  The point of minimal rules is to allow artists to experiment with textures, designs and whatever materials they would like.

Most major cities around the world have ATC exchanges where artists can trade the cards that they make.  So when I saw that North Plains has an ATC  group I wanted to know more.   Marie Buckley coordinates the group which meets at the North Plains Public Library.

Buckley established the group in 2016, and they meet the third Thursday of each month.  The group has a theme for each meeting, which they keep pretty open-ended to allow artists creative interpretation of the theme.  The only additional rule besides the size is that one side of the card must have personal artwork on it, while the other side contains the artists contact information.

If you would like to learn more I encourage you to check out the North Plains ATC group or check out YouTube as there are lots of tutorials.