Welcome to your NextHome.

everett-mcintire-W7_tcn9KuA4-unsplashMy name is Maryann.  I am a wife and mom to three amazing adult children.  I was born and raised in Oregon.  I grew up in Southern Oregon, and gradually worked my way to the Portland Metro area after graduating from Oregon Institute of Technology.  I love to read, sew and be in the amazing outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.

I have always been drawn to real estate, and really got the bug from my first mentor Evelyn many years ago.  It wasn’t until I bought and then subsequently sold my home in North Plains that I learned first hand what a roller coaster ride the buying and selling process can be for my clients. Unexpected things can come up when you are buying or selling a home that make the process stressful. My job is to guide you through these stressful times and help reduce some of that stress for you.  From attending your home inspection to doing light staging in a virtual home, it’s my job to help by going above and beyond for you.  You will have lots of questions as we move through the process and it is my job to answer those questions and make sure you understand each step of the process. When you find yourself frustrated it is my job to lend an ear, listen to those frustrations and find solutions. While we are unable to predict exactly how the buying or selling process will go for you, know that I am there for you each step of the journey to guide you to your next home.